Taser Stun Guns and Baby Boomer Safety


As a huge number of Baby Boomers arrive at retirement age, they are intensely aware of the developing requirement for powerful self-assurance. Since immobilizers save lives consistently, they are the best non-deadly weapons available today.


For weapon phobic seniors, immobilizers are an astounding decision. They give the essential degree of security without the lethality concerns related with guns. Many individuals would rather not be answerable for ending the existence of another, even during the time spent saving their own.


o Stun weapons arrive in a wide exhibit of sizes and 30-30 Winchester  which make it workable for anybody to convey satisfactory self-insurance. The assortment of immobilizers goes from little spotlight or PDA molded weapons to the kind of massive assurance cops convey.

o Firing an immobilizer is just about as simple as pulling the trigger. In addition to the fact that there is no clearly “bang” to surprise the client, there is no force, a huge thought with standard guns.

o TASERs fire little tests up to 15 feet which kills the attacker before he draws near to the point of attacking the expected casualty. At the point when the sets of spikes associate with the attacker’s clothing or skin, a shock is conveyed, killing the culprit.

o Stun firearms have a demonstrated record of saving lives without setting the casualty at risk. By conveying the crippling shock at such a significant stretch, probability of contact is extraordinarily decreased.

o By utilizing the Electro-strong Disruption (EMS) innovation TASER immobilizers shock the attacker’s focal sensory system which controls their skeletal muscles.

o Police powers all over the planet are adding immobilizers to the rundown of endorsed non-deadly weapons for their officials due to their viability.

o Firing a TASER immobilizer briefly time (if essential) just requires a basic reloading of a cartridge, which can be achieved before the has opportunity and energy to recuperate. In a perfect world, the planned casualty will utilize the aggressor’s “down time” to leave the region and contact the proper police or security force.

o Stun weapons are accessible in a wide scope of sticker costs, making it simple to squeeze into any spending plan.


To put it plainly, TASER immobilizers fulfill or surpass the present guidelines for predominant individual security.

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