Pros and Cons of Using Google Apps Standard Edition

As of now more than 4 million businesses run on Google applications and this number is said to increase significantly Buy Google Reviews in the coming months mainly because the applications offered by Google are effective in helping businesses reduce costs while increasing performance. Google offers 2 editions of applications and the following paragraphs will elaborate on pros and cons of the Google apps standard edition.

The Google Apps standard edition is offered for free to people who want to get a feel of using Google applications that can help increase business productivity while reducing costs of operation. The standard edition offers benefits that are suited for people who want to test out these applications before purchasing them.

The primary benefit of the standard version is that users get custom email addresses such as The standard edition also offers benefits such as Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Docs allows users to share spreadsheets, presentations and other documents online. In addition, users are offered many other applications such as access to Google Docs and Google Sites. Google sites allow users to create websites and group wikis. Users can also make use of miscellaneous applications such as Picasa, Google Reader, Blogger and Ad words. Users can also enjoy business security features such as SSO, Forced SSL and custom password strength requirements.

The primary disadvantage of using Google standard is that, users cannot use the business applications that are offered to increase productivity while reducing IT costs and other business costs. Another disadvantage of using Google apps standard is that in this free version only a maximum of 10 users are allowed per organization. Google apps business on the other hand allows unlimited users to enjoy the offered benefits. The standard version also does not Google Video for Business applications and Google Group for Business Applications.

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