How to Generate a Sizable Blogging Income in 5 Easy Steps

There are literally many thousands of articles that have been written about how to use your blog (or blogging in general) to generate a sizeable online income. I’m sure you’ve sifted through many of these articles only to end up more confused and perplexed about the topic.

I agree that there are many, many ways to transform a normal bland, boring blog into a money-generating machine myenvoyair. This has led to what I call “information overload” and many people are not coping well with this problem in the Information Age.

For these reasons, I have come up with the 5 features your blog must, and I emphasise the word MUST, have to be able to generate a sizable income Techlightzone. I’ve chosen each of these 5 features based on the following criteria:

– Benefit/effort analysis, the ratio between the benefit and the effort needed to apply this feature. This means that a feature with huge benefits and little effort will certainly get a bigger mention than one with less benefit and greater effort
– Reading thousands of articles on the topic from experienced and successful bloggers and searching for common point

I’ve been doing a Blog for a few months now and I wish I knew then what I knew now. The problem with starting a Blog and finding out what to do is there doesn’t seem to be a step by step source in plain direct simple English so I’ve created this one for you worldnewupdates. It’s not perfect as its based on what I’ve learned about blogging and making blog money in the past few months and I’m sure there is plenty of improvement, so just use this as a rough guide. A base for information is better than nothing at all and you need to start from somewhere with your feet on the ground. You can use this guide if you just want to blog and aren’t interested in making money or if you want to blog and make money on the side without doing any additional work. Sounds like a good deal, OK! The first part of this guide starts with getting a domain name and if you are already familiar with that, you can skip over and start with Section 2. Please note a more complete revised version of this article with more links is featured in the Blog listed in the Resources Section.

The first thing you need to do is Register a Domain Name for Your Blog. I would suggest you only use a COM domain and try to come up with the shortest simplest name you can come up with, without any dashes or numbers. You’ll find single names have all been taken, so think of a simple phrase or something memorable and you’ll probably find something available after a few hours. I would not recommend using a net, org, etc., no matter what the name because people tend to forget anything but com, and if you use net, chances are people will put a COM instead and you will be giving another site free traffic and losing yours. Once you find a Com that you can register for your blog, I’d go ahead and register it on Godaddy which is very cheap. If you don’t want anyone to know you are the owner of the domain which includes unlisting your name,number,address and email address, it will cost you another $10 a year or so for Private Registration, I would suggest doing this to protect your privacy. Basically, the contact info you give them has to match your credit card and financial information. Once you register, make sure you keep a copy of your Godaddy Password #’s in a safe and secure place. You will later need hosting space for your blog site and blogging software which will be coming up in the later chapters. Do not sign with Godaddy Hosting if you want to use the company I recommend for everything including Hosting

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